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Seqrite MobiSMART is protected through a defense-grade encryption designed to secure data without any hindrance to application functionality. Why choose Seqrite MobiSMART? • Quick and easy configuration That is why organizations can consider Seqrite MobiSMART, a powerful tool to secure control of critical data, to remain compliant with GDPR regulations. Take control of your data – A key feature through which Seqrite MobiSMART can help with GDPR compliance is by offering an unhindered, easy access to data consumption in your enterprise. Seqrite’s MobiSmart offers one such solution for employees accessing mobile productivity apps on BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) or CYOD (Choose Your Own Devices).

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Today, Seqrite products are responsible for the network security of millions of customers in more than 80 countries. Seqrite launches its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) portfolio to securely manage mobile devices connected to the enterprise network on April 05, 2019 Seqrite is the enterprise arm of Quick Heal Technologies, one of the leading providers of IT security solutions to consumers, businesses and Government. 2019-11-01 · In February, Seqrite had developed two cloud-based mobility solutions, MobiSmart and mSuite, for enterprises with bring-your-own devices policy. Quick Heal claims to have a network of over 25,000 channel partners as on June 30 with sales and marketing activities under its brand names Quick Heal and Seqrite. 2019-02-27 · Seqrite, an enterprise solutions arm of cybersecurity firm Quick Heal Technologies Ltd, has come up with two cloud-based mobility solutions – MobiSmart and mSuite -- targeted at enterprises with BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

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Global Excellence Awards, USA. IMC Information Technology Award 2015. 2016 Excellence in Information Security Testing Award. Why SEQRITE?

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Buy Renew Hardware Firewall UTM Dealer in Mumbai, Delhi India. Cyberoam Firewall , Quick Heal Terminator, Sonicwall, NetGenie, Juniper, Checkpoint, Barracuda , Cisco Firewall, Watch Guard Firewall, Fortigate Firewall security solutions & Price. Seqrite launches enterprise mobility management for mobile devices. Seqrite has recently launched its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) portfolio. As part of the development, Seqrite has introduced two cloud-based solutions, MobiSMART, and mSuite, which have been designed to provide… D-Link launched Exo Router Series along with McAfee Protection at Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

With the launch of MobiSMART and mSuite, Seqrite reaffirms its commitment to securely manage multiple entry points and data within the enterprise network. Seqrite is the enterprise arm of Quick Heal Technologies, one of the leading providers of IT security solutions to consumers, businesses and … Seqrite introduced two cloud-based solutions as part of its EMM portfolio. W ' We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. The business landscape is eagerly embracing BYOD-led work culture to enhance productivity, ensure seamless interoperability, and improve employee convenience.
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Villupuram HR & Deputy CISO (Security Manager) at MSCT.
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Log into your account. your username. your password Seqrite MobiSMART provides separation of corporate and personal data to manage enterprise applications and data on mobile devices. It integrates with Enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) policy and prohibits business users from copy/pasting, screen capturing, or syncing secure files and information within the workspace which employs FIPS-certified AES 256-bit encryption.

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This way, one can enjoy the freedom of shopping and pay online. The features and services that Seqrite delivers Seqrite Data Loss Prevention (DLP) -A Multi-Layered Approach to Data Security Estimated reading time: 3 minutes An increasing volume of business information assets are distributed digitally today and has been growing exponentially every year. Four Modern office Solution:- BYOD work culture is transforming traditional workflows and processes That digital technology is making its presence felt across all aspects of our lives, is no secret. CVE-2019-0708, popularly known as BlueKeep, is a RDP pre-authentication vulnerability which allows attacker to compromise a vulnerable system without user’s interaction. This exploit is also wormable, meaning that it can spread to other vulnerable systems in a similar way as the WannaCry malware spread across the globe in 2017. Interestingly, healthcare products like radiography, X-ray … 2019-05-17 · In February, Seqrite had released two cloud-based mobility solutions – MobiSmart and mSuite – targeted at enterprises with a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. With mobile devices such as smartphones becoming a part of the BYOD practice within the enterprise ecosystem, Quick Heal technology chief Sanjay Katkar believes challenges will arise such as those related to multiple-device Seqrite MobiSmart addresses this challenge by empowering businesses with the physical separation of personal user data from business data on mobile devices.